Cloths care

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For Nano Cloths to serve you long and clean well, you need to take care of them properly…Nothing complicated, just a few simple steps…

☘ Before your first use, wash the cloth using no higher than 60 degrees, 600 spin programme on your washing machine. Using your usual washing product that has no softener in, and washing with materials that do not colour is okay.
☘ For the first 3-4 times, after every single use, wash the cloth with your washing machine. This helps activate them and allows you to clean even better.
☘ Make sure that you use a protective, sealable bag when you wash your PINK cloth so that it does not collect fluff or pile from other clothes. It is recommended to dust or vacuum the cloth after every use.
☘ It is recommended to wash SUNBEAM drying cloth just like all other home line products. If the cloth leaves stripy marks when using it, it is recommended to wash it with brown NanoSilverTechnology soap and rinse it under running water.
☘ All cloths should be dried naturally – not in the tumble dryer. There should be no direct contact with the heat, so to put it on the radiator, use a towel.
☘ Do not leave dirty cloths to dry out. This will make cloth’s fiber to tear.
☘ Do not rub the cloth when cleaning, use circular motion movements.
☘ Regularly wash all cloths using the brown NanoSilverTechnology soap and machine wash it when needed.

Your house will be clean with no chemicals