Why choose Nano Cloths?

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My journey…

My journey with Nano cloths started two years ago…or maybe three would be a more accurate picture, when my son, Nate, was born…

I now understand that there’s nothing in life that happens without a reason.

Before my son, unfortunately, I was using a lot of cleaning products that contained lots of chemicals…I used it daily – for everything…

And then Nate was born having a lot of allergies to so many things…

I remember like it was yesterday that after a few hospital admissions, a lot of stress, sleepless nights, and many pills…I had a thought in my head…


That thought started going out of my head quickly once I had a look at a few pages online with ‘eco-friendly cleaning products’ – they were all chemically based still; only maybe x3 times the price and in nicer packaging.

I had lost all hope and then I saw a post on Facebook with a kid’s car seat photo that said: ‘Only cloth + water…no chemicals! Uhhh…my eyes started glittering with hope and I had that feeling – ‘I found it!’

I reached out to the lady immediately, she came…and now Modesta is my business partner!

Modesta showed me the possibilities of the Nano Cloths – what they can clean, how they clean it, how long they last, and so on.

And I bought it, of course!

It’s been TWO years now that I’ve not had or used any chemically-based home cleaning product.


NanoSilverTechnology – it’s a home cleaning system, dedicated to keeping your home clean with only water and no chemically-based products. It is achieved by cloths special and certified fiber.


Thanks to our little miracle, we have changed so many things, one of which is the desire to live a healthier life – one without chemicals 😊